Signs of abuse and neglect

Signs of abuse and neglect
Signs of abuse and neglect

There are lots of different signs that someone is being abused or neglected. It is important to know what the signs might be.

It is not easy to identify signs that could indicate an adult with care and support needs is being abused or neglected, especially if the person is afraid to speak up.

Here is a list of common signs that may suggest that abuse has occurred:

  • Unexplained bruising or finger marks

  • Injuries that cannot be easily explained

  • Deterioration of health for no apparent reason, sudden and unusual loss of weight

  • Inappropriate or inadequate clothing

  • Withdrawal or mood changes

  • A carer who is unwilling to allow access to the person

  • A person who is unwilling or unhappy about being left alone with a particular carer

  • Unexplained shortage or disappearance of money

It is important to remember that abuse or neglect can happen anywhere. It can happen in a public place, in someone's own home, in hospital, in a care home or in college.

Abuse or neglect can take place when an adult lives alone or with others.